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Fig. 13.

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Fig. 13. Effect of HWJ on mRNA level of Col2a1 in bone callus from mouse tibia on 7, 14, and 21 days postfracture. BMDMs were isolated from non-fractured, fractured and fractured with HWJ-administered mouse tibia at different time points (7, 14 and 21 days postfracture) and used for total RNA extraction. Prepared RNA was used for measuring the expression of mRNA of Col2a1. CON: only bone fracture group, HWJ 50: bone fracture with HWJ 50 mg/kg treated group, HWJ 100: bone fracture with HWJ 100 mg/kg treated group. HWJ: Hwaweo-Jeon, Col2a1: collagen type Ⅱ alpha 1 chain, BMDMs: bone marrow-derived macrophage. ***p<0.001 versus only CON group.
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