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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Changes of structures in supraspinal pathway in chronic pain state. (I) Brain network: a network of cortical and subcortical area involved in processing nociceptive signals and the pain sensation. (II) Involved brain regions : Amygdala (CeA), PFC, ACC, sensory motor cortices (S1, S2), IC, thalamus, PAG, and RVM. (III) In chronic pain patients, these structures display abundant changes in fMRI BOLD signal, interconnectivitiy, and top-down modulating of spinal signals by descending pathway. CeA: central nucleus of amygdala, PFC: prefrontal cortex, ACC: anterior cingulated cortex, IC: insular cortex, LC: locus coeruleus, PAG: periaqueductal gray, RVM: rostral ventromedial medulla.
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