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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Effect of DG on osterix expression in bone marrow from mouse femur on 14 and 28 days after bone fracture. C57/BL6 mice had femoral shaft fracture and treated with 300 mg/kg/day of DG for (A) 14 and (B) 28 days. Total RNAs were isolated from bone marrow of damaged femur and subjected to real-time PCR to measure the expression of osterix gene with SYBR green. GAPDH was used as as an internal control to normalize. The relative gene expression was calculated by comparing with that of control. Naive: without bone fracture, Con: control, bone fracture and vehicle, Tra: tramadol treated group (20 mg/kg/day), DG: Danggwisu-san treated group (300 mg/kg/day). PCR: polymerase chain reaction, GAPDH: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.
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