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Fig. 12.

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Fig. 12. Effects of DJ on the anti-inflammatory cytokines in the skin of wound-induced mice. Expression of (A) IL-4 and (B) IL-10 in skin measured by western blot. All data are expressed mean┬▒standard deviation, n=7 mice per group. Tested with the ANOVA (least significant difference). DJ: Dangguijakyak-san water extract, IL-4: interleukin-4, IL-10: interleukin-10, Normal: not wound-induced mice, Control: wound-induced mice administrated with distilled water, VitE: wound-induced mice administrated with vitamin E 200 mg/kg body weight, DJL: wound-induced mice administrated with DJ water extract 0.60 g/kg body weightm DJH: Wound-induced mice administrated with DJ water extract 1.21 g/kg body weight. ###p<0.001 vs. Normal and *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001 vs. Control.
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