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J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:1-182
Review Articles
A Review of Bee Venom Acupuncture for Spinal Diseases in the Journal of Korean Medicine
Yujin Lee, K.M.D.*, Jee-Yeong Won, K.M.D.*, Suhyun Nam, K.M.D.*, Changwan Kim, K.M.D.,
Gyeong-Ryung Jeon, K.M.D., Junho Cho, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:1-13
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Herbal Medicine for Frozen Shoulder
Tae-Young Oh, K.M.D., Yeon-Hee Kim, K.M.D., Eun-Mi Oh, K.M.D., Su-Min Hong, K.M.D., Hyun-Ju Ha, K.M.D., Eun-Jung Lee, K.M.D., Min-Seok Oh, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:15-33
A Systematic Review of Moxibustion for Frozen Shoulder
Si-Hoon Han, K.M.D.*, Gi-Eon Lee, K.M.D.*, Da-Young Byun, K.M.D.*, Young-Ik Kim, K.M.D., Min-Kyun Kim, K.M.D.*, Boo-Ki Min, K.M.D.*, Han-Bit Lim, K.M.D.*, Yun-Jae Jeong, K.M.D.*, Min-Seok Oh, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:35-49
A Literature Study about Clinical Outcome Parameters for Total Knee Replacement to Develop Core Outcome Set for Osteoarthritis by Korean Medicine Treatment
Chaeheun Jeon, K.M.D.*, Hyejin Kim, K.M.D.*, Jungmin Lee, K.M.D.*, Miri Kwon, K.M.D.*, Seungwon Jang, K.M.D.*, Hyunho Kim, K.M.D.*, Byunghee Kong, K.M.D., Jungtae Leem, K.M.D.*
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:51-60
A Clinical Research Analysis of the Korean Medicine for Peroneal Nerve Palsy
Su Min Hong, K.M.D., Eun Jung Lee, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:61-74
Evaluation of Adherence to the CARE (CAse REport) Guidelines of Case Reports in the Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation
Jonghyun Ahn, K.M.D., Junhyuk Ko, K.M.D., Seyoon Kim, K.M.D., Soojeon Kim, K.M.D., Jun-hyeong Bae, K.M.D., Ye-ji Yoon, K.M.D., Hansol Lee, K.M.D., Hokyung Chang, K.M.D., Hyungsuk Kim, K.M.D., Seok-hee Chung, K.M.D., Jong-soo Lee, K.M.D., Sung-soo Kim, K.M.D., Won-Seok Chung, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:75-85
Original Articles
Trends of Korean Medicine Conservative Treatment Using Low Back Pain Patients Registry Data: Analysis of Medical Records of 7 Korean Medical Hospital
Kang-Joon Lee, K.M.D.*, Min-Seok Oh, K.M.D., Eun-Jung Lee, K.M.D., Byung-Cheul Shin, K.M.D., Eui-Hyoung Hwang, K.M.D., Soon-Joong Kim, K.M.D., Yun-Yeop Cha, K.M.D., Youn-Seok Ko, K.M.D., Yun-kyung Song, K.M.D.*
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:87-101
A Comparative Study on the Pain and Treatment Satisfaction between Korean Medical Treatment Combined with Ultrasound Guided Soyeom Pharmacopuncture Therapy in Thoracic Paravertebral Space and Non-Guided Soyeom Pharmacopuncture Therapy on Patients with Ribs Fracture: A Retrospective Study
Yeon Hee Kim, K.M.D., Tae Young Oh, K.M.D., Eun Jung Lee, K.M.D., Min Seok Oh, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:103-112
A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Reliability of Pattern Identification Tool for Knee Osteoarthritis and to Analyze Correlation between Pattern Identification Tool and Knee Range of Motion, Visual Analog Scale and Western Ontario & Mcmaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index
Seung-Joon Oh, K.M.D.*, Eunsu Jang, K.M.D., Ph.D., Young-Seon Oh, M.D., Ph.D., Wee-chang Kang, Ph.D., Eun-Jung Lee, K.M.D., Ph.D., In Chul Jung, K.M.D., Ph.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:113-128
A Report on the Status of Cooperation through the Korean Medicine and Western Medicine Collaboration Process
Kang-Joon Lee, K.M.D.*, Gyu-Rae Lee, Ph.D., Yun-Kyung Song, K.M.D.*
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:129-139
Case Reports
Clinical Study on 2 Cases of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Treated by Korean Traditional Medicine
Tae-Geol Lee, K.M.D.*, Kwang-Hwi Kim, K.M.D.*, Tae-Yeon Kim, K.M.D.*, Sang-Woon Lee, K.M.D.*, Hui-Yeong Chu, K.M.D.*, Ho Kim, K.M.D.*, Sang-Gun Lee, K.M.D.*, Jae-Yong Choi, K.M.D.*, Kang-Eah Choi, K.M.D., Hyun-Woo Cho, K.M.D.*
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:141-148
Pharmacoacupuncture Treatment of Coccygodynia Caused by Perforating Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome: Two Cases Report
Sori Moon, K.M.D., Sunjoo An, K.M.D., Seonghwan Choi, K.M.D., Seohyun Park, K.M.D., Dongho Keum, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:149-156
The Effectiveness of Ultrasound-Guided Essential Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture Combined with Integrative Korean Medical Treatment for Rib Fracture: A Case Study
Tae-Seok Ahn, K.M.D.*, Ji-Hyun Moon, K.M.D.*, Chang-Young Park, K.M.D.*, Myung-Jin Oh, K.M.D., Yoo-Min Choi, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:157-163
Postoperative Rehabilitation of Foot Fracture in Korean Medicine Treatment: Clinical Case Report
Na-Ri Park, K.M.D., Yun-Jin Lee, K.M.D., Hee-Duk Ahn, K.M.D., Doo-Hwa Yang, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:165-172
Clinical Case Report of Shoulder Diseases by Meridian-Test
Kyun Hyeong, K.M.D.*, Je-Hoon Won, K.M.D., Chang-Hoon Woo, K.M.D.*
J Korean Med Rehabi 2019;29:173-182
Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation is an official journal of The Korean Academy of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine. It was launched in 1996, and accepts original research articles, reviews, short communications...
Efficacy of Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation with Different Types of Stimulating Electrodes
Hyo-Jeong Choi, K.M.D., Sung-Soo Kim, K.M.D., Ph.D.
Received: June 25, 2013; Revised: July 5, 2013; Accepted: July 10, 2013
A Literature Review of Effectiveness on the Gongjin-dan (Gongchen-dan)
Jin-Hyun Lee, O.M.D., Dong-Chan Jo, O.M.D., Chang-Gon Kim, O.M.D., Su-Jeong Moon, O.M.D., Tae-Yong Park, O.M.D., Youn-Suk Ko, O.M.D., Yung-Sun Song, O.M.D., Jung-Han Lee, O.M.D.
Received: June 25, 2013; Revised: July 6, 2013; Accepted: July 8, 2013
Effect of Acupuncture and Massage on Iliopsoas Muscle in Patients with Restless Leg Syndrome : Case Report

Won-Hyung Park, K.M.D., Yun-Yeop Cha, K.M.D.

Received: March 14, 2013; Revised: March 21, 2013; Accepted: March 28, 2013
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