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J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:1-181
Original Articles
Antioxidative, Anti-inflammatory Effects of Jibaekjihwang-tang (zhibaidihuang-tang) on Osteoarthritic Rat Model
Chang-Yun Woo, K.M.D., Young-Jun Kim, K.M.D., Chang-Hoon Woo, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:1-18
The Healing Effect of Jinmu-tang (Zhenwu-tang) in Femur Fractured Rats
Jung-Oh Park, K.M.D., Min-Seok Oh, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:19-35
Effects of Dioscoreae Rhizoma on Excercise Practice Ability and Blood Fatigue Variable Factor
Na-Ri Park, K.M.D., Yun-Jin Lee, K.M.D., Eun-Byeol Lee, K.M.D., Doo-Hwa Yang, K.M.D., Chang-Hoon Woo, K.M.D., Hee-Duk An, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:37-46
Experimental Study of Dohongsamul-tang (Taohongsiwu-tang) on Fracture Healing
Hyun Ju Ha, K.M.D., Min-Seok Oh, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:47-66
Antioxidant Activity and Standardization of Extraction Solvents of SJ004
Dae-Yeon Lee, K.M.D., Ju-Hwi Jo, B.A., Wan-Su Kim, B.A., Ho-Sung Lee, K.M.D., Young-Woo Yi, B.A., Sang-In Park, K.M.D., Keon-Sang An, K.M.D., In-Hee Lee, Ph.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:67-75
Review Articles
A Review of Randomized Controlled Trial Studies during 5 Years for Treatment of Chondromalacia Patella Using China National Knowledge Infrastructure Database
Yun-Young Choi, K.M.D., Su-Hyeon Yang, K.M.D., Yeong-Suk Jang, K.M.D., Hyeon-Jin Kim, K.M.D., Jae-Young Ahn, K.M.D., Soo-Jin Lee, K.M.D., Da-Yoon Oh, K.M.D., Noo-Ri Hong, K.M.D., Doo-Hee Kim, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:77-93
A Literature Review on the Use of Extracorporeal Shock Wave with Syndrome Differentiation Theory
Sang-Hyun Lee, K.M.D., Hyun-Tae Kim, K.M.D., Sun-Young Park, K.M.D., In Heo, K.M.D., Man-Suk Hwang, K.M.D., Byung-Cheul Shin, K.M.D., Eui-Hyoung Hwang, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:95-103
Original Articles
Effect of East-West Integrative Rehabilitation on Activities of Daily Living and Cognitive Functional Recovery in Stroke Patients: A Retrospective Study
Sori Moon, K.M.D., Dongho Keum, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:105-123
Correlation Study between Cervical X-ray Sagittal Parameters and Chuna Posture Analysis Results
Joo-Sung Park, K.M.D., Hyung-Ho Lim, K.M.D., Yun-Kyung Song, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:125-137
A Survey on Patient's Experience on Health Care Utilization and Perception of Health Care System for Developing of a Korean Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline for Traffic Injuries
Sun-Young Park, K.M.D., Sang-Hyun Lee, K.M.D., In Heo, K.M.D., Man-Suk Hwang, K.M.D., Koh-Woon Kim, K.M.D., Jae-Heung Cho, K.M.D., Kyoung Sun Park, K.M.D., In Hyuk Ha, K.M.D., Byung-Cheul Shin, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:139-152
Safety of Soshihotang Soft Extract after Single Oral Administration in Healthy Male Volunteers, Single Center Study
Sung-Hu An, K.M.D., Kyungtae Park, K.M.D., Seung-Ryong Yeom, K.M.D., Young-Dal Kwon, K.M.D., Hea-Young Cho, Ph.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:153-164
Case Reports
Korean Medicine Treatment for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Adults: A Case Report
Euibyeol Kim, K.M.D., Kiwan Kang, K.M.D., Minwoo Kim, K.M.D., Dongchan Jo, K.M.D., Ph.D., Younseok Ko, K.M.D., Ph.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:165-171
A Case of Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy Improved by Combined with Electroacupuncture and Bee Venom Acupuncture
SunJoo An, K.M.D., Seonghwan Choi, K.M.D., Shinwoo Kang, K.M.D., Seohyun Park, K.M.D., Dongho Keum, K.M.D.
J Korean Med Rehabi 2020;30:173-181
Journal of Korean Medicine Rehabilitation is an official journal of The Korean Academy of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine. It was launched in 1996, and accepts original research articles, reviews, short communications...
Efficacy of Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation with Different Types of Stimulating Electrodes
Hyo-Jeong Choi, K.M.D., Sung-Soo Kim, K.M.D., Ph.D.
Received: June 25, 2013; Revised: July 5, 2013; Accepted: July 10, 2013
A Literature Review of Effectiveness on the Gongjin-dan (Gongchen-dan)
Jin-Hyun Lee, O.M.D., Dong-Chan Jo, O.M.D., Chang-Gon Kim, O.M.D., Su-Jeong Moon, O.M.D., Tae-Yong Park, O.M.D., Youn-Suk Ko, O.M.D., Yung-Sun Song, O.M.D., Jung-Han Lee, O.M.D.
Received: June 25, 2013; Revised: July 6, 2013; Accepted: July 8, 2013
Effect of Acupuncture and Massage on Iliopsoas Muscle in Patients with Restless Leg Syndrome : Case Report

Won-Hyung Park, K.M.D., Yun-Yeop Cha, K.M.D.

Received: March 14, 2013; Revised: March 21, 2013; Accepted: March 28, 2013
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